Visiting Aunt Miriam: Return to Johto is a story in Season 2.


Looking through old photographs, Mario reminisces about Johto and feels that it is time to go, Miriam joins him and they chat until the sun rises and the others awaken. Mario plans to go to Johto and everyone agrees, they fly to Vermilion City in Kanto and then they set off to Johto on Bob's new ship, called the R.M.S Wentworth. Rita and Bob chat while Bob is steering the ship, they soon fall in love, the ship makes it to New Bark Town, where they all get off. Looking at their previously bought house, the gang stay the night, working in his lab, is Professor Elm, he notices the house is occupied and decides to investigate, only to be invited in by Miriam. They throw a party and all fall asleep, the next morning the gang sets off on a new Johto adventure, looking for things that have changed in three years, they find a One Direction 'Take Me Home' tour flyer and find out that they will be performing in Kalos next year.

One night, Bob has a dream, he and Rita are on a magic carpet, flying through Johto [INCOMPLETE]

Returning and New CharactersEdit

A few characters will return and a few will make their debut.


Professor Elm

Sophie van den Akker





"The Morning After"Edit

As a seldom running gag in the series, a female character will sing The Morning After, this time it will be Rita.

"A Whole New World"Edit

Sung by Bob and Rita respectively, in Bob's dream sequence.


  • Kalos has a few implications in this story, one is where they fly over Lumiose City, the second is when they meet a Trainer from Kalos with his Litleo and the last is where they see a One Direction 'Take Me Home' tour poster.
  • Bob relives 2010, when he is attacked by the same Feraligatr, however, Rita saves Bob and she gets attacked herself, they both survive.
  • We find that Sophie's modeling career has failed and she returns to live with the gang.
  • Bob and Rita get together in this story.
  • This is the second time that Scar, Snape and Franky have been to Johto, however, their first time was only an overnight stay in Ecruteak City.