Visiting Aunt Miriam: On The Inside is an upcoming story, involving Princess Peach going to prison for an unknown false accusation by Bowser.


Peach is approached by police and is later arrested, she is sent to prison, only to meet a sadistic officer, two nice officers and some nice fellow prisoners, she, with the aid of her friends and family on the outside attempts to rid of the sadistic warder.

New and Returning CharactersEdit


Ernest O'Crow - Evil stand-in governor

Joan O'Neill - Sadistic, lesbian officer

Governor Maria Davidson - The Prison Governor

Dept. Governor G. Lockhart - Deputy Governor, quite a bellend

Vera Pickles - Miriam's sister and a bitter warder

Meg Williams - Nice officer #1

Meg Roberts - Nice officer #2

Rawdney Awdamns - Easily persuaded officer and lackey of O'Neill.

Beatrice - Prisoner - "Top Dog" of the prison

Rita Connors - Bikie and soon housemate of the "gang".

Myra - Beatrice's best friend

Elizabeth - Old alcoholic prisoner



  • This story is heavily influenced by Prisoner: Cell Block H, character names and settings.
  • Kingsfield Prison is where Peach goes, however, it might be the one from MKGN.
  • Franky admits that she was released from Kingsfield.