Visiting Aunt Miriam or simply "VAM" is a series of stories written by Luigi Severus Fletcher, the stories revolve around the lives of a Wizarding Family by the name of Fletcher, who live in the Kanto Region.


The characters are mostly popular characters such as Super Mario, Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Pokemon and The Lion King, these characters, aren't the exact character, they do have different traits, example: Severus Snape (in VAM) is not deceased nor is he very despised by other characters, Snape still shares some traits, like his book description from the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling and his life story is quite similar. Most of VAM's characters consist of major characters from other media or very minor characters, like Justin Finch-Fletchley from the Harry Potter series.


There are ten confirmed stories in total, there are a few special ones.

Prequel Edit

Visiting Aunt MiriamEdit

After defeating the Elite Four and Champion of the Kanto Pokémon League, Luigi returns home to a party and a letter from an old family member.

Visiting Aunt Miriam II - My Aunt, The WitchEdit

Just finding out their heritages, Aunt Miriam teaches Mario and Luigi the spells she learned at Hogwarts.

Visiting Aunt Miriam III - Back to the Beanbean Kingdom Edit

Mario, Luigi, Miriam and the gang return to the Beanbean Kingdom, only to find that an old nemesis has returned...

Visiting Aunt Miriam IV - Terwilliger/The Terwilliger Adventure Edit

On New Years Eve, Bob's new ship, the Terwilliger sinks after hitting an iceberg or capsizing (whichever version you read).

Visiting Aunt Miriam V - Take Me Hoenn Edit

After the events of the Terwilliger disaster, the gang are taken to the Hoenn region, Luigi takes on the local Pokémon League and the gang meet a new enemy and Mario loses someone close.

Visiting Aunt Miriam VI - Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's Off To Sinnoh We Go! Edit

Feeling restless, Luigi decides to take on the Sinnoh Pokémon League, while Mario attempts to get his life back together.

Visiting Aunt Miriam VII - Johto! Lets Go! Edit

After arriving in Johto from a break in Kanto, Luigi battles the Johto Pokémon League and Bob has an almost fatal accident, just after finding love.

Visiting Aunt Miriam VIII - Edit

Visiting Aunt Miriam IX - Edit

Visiting Aunt Miriam X - Christmas Edit