The Luxray/Litleo King is a musical. It is a parody of The Lion King Musical.


The musical was adapted from the animated film, by Corneila Talmadge.


Mkuu-Simba is next in line to be King, his uncle Athari is jealous of his brother Mfalme-Simba's decision, a few weeks pass and Mfalme-Simba shows Mkuu-Simba the kingdom, Mkuu-Simba asks about a 'shadowy place' and Mfalme-Simba tells him he is not to go there, after a small talk with his uncle, Mkuu-Simba disobeys his father's orders and takes his friend along with him, after lying to his mother, she only allowed it if the King's majordomo Nokoa went along with them.


There exists a soundtrack to the musical.

Track listing:Edit

1. Top of the World

2. The Early News

3. Lioness Hunt

4. I Just Can't Wait To Be King

5. Be Prepared/Prepare Yourself

6. The Stampede

7. The Mourning After

8. Kakuna Ratatta

9. The Land of Shadows

10. Close to You

11. The Endless Night