The Shroobs are a race of Poison Mushroom-like aliens that invaded in the Mushroom Kingdom when Mario and Luigi were babies. These events take place in the game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They are a purple, mushroom-like species ruled by Princess Shroob and her older sister. They are from the Shroob Planet and most Shroobs carry ray guns with them. Unlike the similar yet much more benevolent Toads, who are seemingly more human than mushroom, Shroobs seem to have retained most of their fungus ancestry.

They possess very advanced technology, such as ray guns and a massive fleet of flying saucers, powered by the vim of Toads, which is collected by capturing the Toads and draining the vim through the Shroobs' Tree Network, all leading to the Vim Factory. The saucers are capable of shooting energy bolts that turn people into Shroob Mushrooms, as well as causing devastating damage to buildings. The Shroob military is very complex in their processes. They come in different colors and have different attacks. Unlike the Koopa Troop, the Shroobs have everything laid out in advance so that they could both protect vital operations and invade enemy regions at the same time, suggesting they are very intelligent.

Visiting Aunt Miriam 2Edit

The Shroobs make a return in Mario's dream, however, a Shroob version of the Pickles (then Fletcher) family and friends, make an appearance.

Visiting Aunt Miriam ?Edit

In a later story, The Shroobs make another return in one of Mario's dreams, unlike the first "return" there are more than last time, this time, the family is extended with all the characters that have come into the series and stayed since Mario's last dream.


Aunt ShroobiamEdit

Aunt Miriam's Sbroob Counterpart.


Mario's Shroob Counterpart.


Luigi's Shroob Counterpart.

Shreverus ShnapeEdit

Severus's Shroob Counterpart.


Scar's Shroob Counterpart.


Bob's Shroob Counterpart.

Lord VoldeshroobEdit

Voldemort's Shroob Counterpart.


Franky's Shroob Counterpart.


Justin's Shroob Counterpart.

Shustin ShrieberEdit

Justin Bieber's Shroob Counterpart.


Stu's Shroob Counterpart.


Louis' Shroob Counterpart.