This is the first season in the franchise, if you are looking for the franchise go here.

Overview and plotEdit

Mr Krabs Goes Nuts will consist of seven confirmed segments, Mr Krabs will usually get mad and have a fit of rage. There will be a plot, but it will be broken up into seven segments.


First Story Edit

A trip to Big Wave Beach (for educational purposes) turns sour, once the students decide to have fun.

Others Edit

A storyline where Krabbs and his class make a malasada for a competition (the winner receives a large amount of money)

A storyline where a new preacher takes over the local church, while Pastor Jiry is ill.

A storyline where Alola's people take a liking to a mysterious man's cult.

A storyline where Krabs is suspended from teaching and decides to work in an office, only to have the female boss harass him by making several advances on him.

A storyline where an anti-gay religious group attacks Hau'oli City's residents.

Season 1 finale? Edit

A camping trip turns into tragedy.