Luigi - Mario & Luigi Dream Team


Luigi is one of the main characters in Visiting Aunt Miriam.

Life StoryEdit

Luigi Fletcher-Pickles, was born to Stu and Diana "Didi" Fletcher, who both disappeared when Luigi and his older brother Mario were very young. Both Mario and Luigi were fostered. Their aunt knew of their whereabouts as she was a Kanto native, as were the bros, Miriam had visited regularly and the bros stayed with her a few times in her house in Saffron City, a few years had passed and Tom had died from a heart attack, Pippa re-married and Miriam moved to Goldenrod City, making her visits less frequent, however, Mario and Luigi had someone other than Michael and Pippa watching over them. 

Beginning Pokemon TrainerEdit

Professor Oak expected both Mario and Luigi to become Pokemon trainers, as they grew up with Oak's Pokemon, Luigi was the only one who ended up training Pokemon, Mario claimed he wouldn't know what to do and it'd be too stressful, Luigi chose Charmander and began his journey, inexperienced and clumsy, Luigi trained his Charmander up as much as he could, when making it to Viridian City, Mario and Luigi met a young traveler, a few years their senior, the traveler was introduced as Robert Terwilliger, or "Bob" for short, they soon became friends and Bob was a big help to Luigi having some knowledge of Kanto and little of Pokemon.