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Kingsfield Prison

Kingsfield Prison is a large medium security prison, with a large barbed-wire fence all around it. It has many facilities for the prisoners.


It is an old prison, which is still in use today, being built by a Frenchman, it has a French feel, the prison was made for both men and women and has remained that way since.

Break-outs and RiotsEdit

Being as old as it is, it has had many break-outs and many riots, a number of deaths have been recorded during riots.

Uses of Corporal and Capital PunishmentEdit

Both forms of punishment occured in Kingsfield, Capital Punishment was abolished after only being used a few times, Corporal Punishment is still in use.


The prison is guarded by many strong Pokemon, Machoke, Machamp, Furfrou, etc.


In the Women's Prison, there exists a laundry, a garden a recreational room and a kitchen. For the men, it is pretty much the same, with computer work replacing the laundry.

There are computers with internet in both prisons, but, they are either used for work or recreation, however, many vulgar websites are blocked and the internet is limited.

There is also a Pokemon Care facility, where a prisoner is allowed to look after a wild Pokemon and love it.



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