Mr Krabs Goes Nuts (Old Version Re-Upload)

Mr Krabs Goes Nuts (Old Version Re-Upload)

The 2011 version

Alola! is the working title of a series of stories and a possible animated "soap opera" or Webtoon, that focuses on the lives of the students and teachers at Hau'oli High School in the Alola region. The series takes place between 2009-present.


Mr Krabs Goes Nuts (Originally: Mr S Goes Nuts) was a quickly made video one night in 2010 for a few laughs, the creator then showed his friends and it became a small success, the video file was later deleted, In early 2011, the creator found the video project and changed the name and character and Mr Krabs Goes Nuts was born!


There are many characters in Mr Krabs Goes Nuts, ranging from made-up characters to celebrites.

  • Bruce Krabbs (Born November 30, 1940): A rude old teacher with a very low tolerance, he has bipolar disorder which is the main reason for his fits of rage, Atheist. He is neutral with fair-weather friend, often fighting, totally obsessed with money, homophobic.
  • Ken Ward (Born May 21, 1960): Bruce Krabs' fair-weather friend, Ward is also a rude man, similar to Krabs, but he is much more "refined" and lenient, Ward can't tolerate much, maybe bipolar, also an Atheist, the years of abuse from Krabs has made him use to it, he is shown to be an avid clarinet player.
  • Ben (Born September 7, 1994): The main protagonist, usually suffers with Mr Krabbs and Mr Ward and their antics of pandemonium, has a crush on Franky.
  • Elio (Born December 4, 1993, but his parents registered him on March 26, 1994) - One of Ben's friends, comes from Kanto, speaks in broken English, but is fluent in both Korean and Japanese.
  • Selene (Born December 4, 1993, but her parents registered her on March 26, 1994) - Elio's sister, comes from Kanto and is fluent in English, Korean and Japanese.
  • E.K (Born February 21, 1994) - Ben's female friend since childhood.
  • Kizza (Born September 11, 1995) - One of Ben's friends, often imitates Krabbs and Ward.
  • Lillie (February 1, 1994): One of Ben's female friends, she's Gladion's sister.
  • Franky (September 18, 1993): One of Ben's female friends, his closest female friend and love interest.
  • Hau (Born January 21, 1994): Another one of Ben's male friends, loves Malasadas and has a massive crush on Lillie.
  • Gladion (Born April 11, 1992) - One of Ben's friends and often stands up to Mr Krabbs and the brains of the gang.
  • The Almighty: Creator of all things, He is also known as The Zenthian Father.
  • The Goddess: Female Deity, The Almighty's Wife, She is also known as The Zenthian Mother.
  • Arceus: Creator of all Pokémon, It is also known as The Father Of All Pokémon.
  • Estark: Demon Lord who resides in Nadir.
  • Grandpa Lou: Ben's grandfather, that Ben loves a lot. He's funny and is always telling stories. He is a bit conservative and complains about the newer generation.
  • Angry Grandpa (Born October 16, 1950): Late YouTuber, bipolar, angry and all out dangerous (Passed away on December 10, 2017, though in the series he is still alive).
  • Pickleboy (Born June 2, 1987): Angry Grandpa's son, usually films the series.
  • Gran (Born March 6, 1915): Mr Krabbs's mother, with very similar mannerisms, likes only Mr Krabs and Mr Ward. While she is very old, she is as fit as a 40-year-old woman.
  • Justin Bieber (Born March 1, 1994): Famous popstar, is liked by Elio, Ben and Franky until he starts going crazy.
  • Kim Namjoon (Born September 12, 1994): Leader of BTS.
  • Kim Seokjin (Born December 4, 1992): Oldest member of BTS.
  • Min Yoongi (Born March 9, 1993): Member of BTS.
  • Jung Hoseok (Born February 18, 1994): Member of BTS
  • Park Jimin (Born October 13, 1995): Member of BTS.
  • Kim Taehyung (Born December 30, 1995): Member of BTS.
  • Jeon Jeongguk (Born September 1, 1997): Member of BTS.
  • Nate (Born April 12, 1994): A student from Unova.
  • Vicky: Caring, Highly Religious, runs a bed and breakfast with her husband Eric, often has a beef with Mr Krabs, aunt of Ben and sister of brother Gary, she often treats Ben like a child, rather than a teenager.
  • Gary (Born November 10, 1954): Cranky and picky, yet a funny old fart, brother of Vicky, main quotes "I can't/cannot stand..." and "Good hey!", works somewhere in Alola.
  • Eric: Vicky's husband, runs a bed and breakfast with Vicky, often buys big things.
  • Steven: Ben's uncle (Vicky's brother), is close friends with Eric.
  • Mario: Nintendo's famous mascot.
  • Kerryn Curran: Highly conservative religious lady, also a teacher.
  • Minerva Were: Another teacher (suspected of being a witch).
  • Kipkay: TV personality.
  • Directioners: Fans of One Direction.
  • Beliebers: Fans of Justin Bieber.
  • Shae: A girl, she has a love/hate relationship with Luigi and his friends.
  • Mr Bury: A teacher and a puppet designer, claims to have worked on Star Wars.
  • Jim Tea: A gentle giant.
  • Barry Lockhart: A funny man, always playing pranks on people.
  • Col "Mr C" Coulson: The flamboyant, feminine Drama teacher.
  • Pete (Peter) Hal Kingswood: A friend of Luigi's, who Luigi stays with some times.
  • Patty: Peter's landlord and friend.
  • Erika Davidson: Principal of the school, she was a prison governor, she is pretty lenient.
  • Anne Reynolds: Second principal of the school.
  • Megan "Meg" Jackson/Morris: Luigi's favorite teacher, is firm, but fair.
  • Colleen Powell: A teacher who is mild.
  • Vera "Vinegar Tits" Bennett: A very bitter teacher.
  • Jean 'The Freak' Ferguson: Possibly the worst teacher ever, a sadistic woman who was a prison officer and then a prisoner and now a teacher.
  • Celia Grave: Another bitter teacher, talks in a fake posh accent.
  • Rebecca "Bec" Langton: Another teacher who is bitter and quite nasty.
  • Agnes Drury: Mr Krabs in female form, she is funny, yet strict.
  • Jon Newman: A teacher who is very impatient.
  • Steve Mcrae: Male teacher.
  • Geoff Delaney: Male teacher.
  • Franklin Burke: Creepy janitor.
  • Rod Adams: Nasty teacher.
  • Lou King: E.K's father.
  • Karen Carpenter
  • Richard Carpenter
  • Harold Fishing - Religious preacher, predicts doomsday (Harold Camping (Harold Fishing's inspiration) passed away in 2013)
  • Niall Horan (Born September 13, 1993) - Member of One Direction, becomes Ben's friend.
  • Louis Tomlinson (Born December 24, 1991) - Member of One Direction, also becomes Ben's friend.
  • Harry Styles (Born February 1, 1994) - Member of One Direction, is very friendly and Ben and the gang suspect he's Jewish.
  • Liam Payne (Born August 29, 1993) - Member of One Direction.
  • Zayn Malik (Born January 12, 1993) - Ex-Member of One Direction.
  • Severus Sevipar (Born January 9, 1960) - Self-claimed 'Potions Master' (Really the Chemistry teacher).
  • Rita Hyunh: Contestant in "My Kitchen Rules", later dates Gary.
  • Pastor Jiry - Local priest with a Southern accent, while he's a fire-breathing, Hellfire and Brimstone preacher who yells while preaching hard on sin, he's also very sympathetic and a sweetheart with a big heart, if someone is having a bad day, he's there for them. Jiry gets a bad rep among the liberal community for being "too hateful" and "a bigot", however, his sermons show otherwise.
  • Pastor Hoseok Kim - A young priest who is very enthusiastic about "Soul-Winning" a widely successful method of bringing people to The Almighty and Arceus, he is regarded as "a young Pastor Jiry", Like Pastor Jiry, Pastor Kim gets a bad rep for being "hateful" and "bigoted" when in reality his sermons are the opposite of "hateful" and "bigoted".
  • "Pastor" Anderson L. Stevens: The dumbest pastor ever, doesn't know anything about Arceusism and blasphemes The Almighty. Stevens is a true hatemonger and a very childish man, often throwing tantrums when he doesn't get his own way. He worms his way into the local church and takes over it (almost turning it cult-like). He is a mega-hypocrite and criticizes everyone, including Pastor Jiry.
  • Deacon Tyler S. Gipp-Baker: Stevens' Deacon who is equally as thick as him.
  • Jack T - An old man who lost his larynx due to cancer, who now speaks with an Electrolarynx. Several Alola citezens bully the poor old man.
  • Perrie Moppins - A nanny that comes to work for Krabs. An obvious parody of Mary Poppins.
  • Sophia Justine Warrick - A genderqueer/non-binary, pan-sexual who is an extreme feminist, she is easily offended and protests everything that she finds "problematic". She hates Mr Krabs with a burning passion, due to him being extremely "privileged". Many other feminists condemn her, which Sophia in return, refers to them as "fake feminists". She often switches between gender identities.
  • Ruthie Ballinger - Daughter of a Rainbow Rocket Executive.
  • Harry Ballinger - Rainbow Rocket Executive.
  • Detective Inspector "Looker" - An international police officer.
  • Nadir Shaking Street Preachers - (NSSP for short) Fundamentalist Arceusist Street Preachers.
  • Allen Picket - Leader of the NSSP.
  • Donald Morrison - Member of the NSSP.
  • True Street Preachers - (TSP for short) Another Fundamentalist Arceusist Street Preaching group.
  • Ruben Canaan - Leader of TSP.
  • Mr Krabbs Sr. (Born 1912) - Mr Krabb's father.
  • Lucy/Myuu "Loony Lucy" Jones - A girl with Dissociative identity disorder, as Lucy she is quite intelligent. If angered, Lucy will go into a full rage and attack the person/people who angered her via telepathy. As Myuu, she has the mentality of a toddler, which gives her a very ignorant and sheltered view of the world, however she has a huge affinity for comics and manga, if she is angered she'll physically attack someone, rather than via telepathy, because as Myuu, she's unable to use her telepathic powers.
  • Fred Phelps - Leader of Wela Bible Church (WBC), the church is located near Wela Volcano Park.
  • Maggie Phelps - Fred's wife.
  • Shirley Phelps - Fred's daughter.
  • Jonathon Phelps - Fred's nephew, Shirley's husband.
  • Sam Phelps - Shirley's illegitimate child.
  • Lusamine - Mother of Gladion and Lillie and President of the Aether Foundation.
  • Mohn - Father of Gladion and Lillie and runs PokéPelago.
  • Wicke - Branch Chief of Aether Foundation.
  • Faba - Ex-Branch Chief of Aether Foundation.
  • Aunt Melissa - Ben's Aunt
  • Uncle Larry - Ben's Uncle
  • Team Rainbow Rocket (abbreviated: Team RR) - Team Rocket's Alolan chapter, they're an organized crime syndicate that not only specialize in using Pokémon for profit, they dabble in various other crimes too, some people around Alola are connected with them.
  • Giovanni - Boss of Team Rocket and Team Rainbow Rocket
  • Team Rocket - Organized crime syndicate which used to operate in the Kanto and Johto regions and the Sevii Islands, they disbanded twice, each time for a little while, but returned twice, this time, more threatening and now operating in the Alola region too.
  • Archer - Leader of Team Rainbow Rocket, while he's the leader of Team RR, he must still take orders from Giovanni, as Giovanni is the true boss.
  • Jessie - Member of Team Rocket.
  • James - Member of Team Rocket.
  • Mike Card - Media analyst, author and conspiracy theorist.
  • Rev. Saul Centauri - A man who helps and takes care of people who have lost their way.
  • Wally Winka - The Malasada man himself, runs the Malasada factory.


  • Cahill's Crossing
  • Pinwheel Forest
  • Big Wave Beach
  • Dragon Quest universe
  • Battle Royale Dome
  • Kalos
  • Kanto
  • Johto
  • Sinnoh
  • Hoenn
  • Unova
  • Rijon
  • Naljo
  • Zenith(ia) - Heaven
  • Nadir(ia) - Hell


  • Trailer Park

Planned StorylinesEdit

Season 1Edit

  • Pilot: A trip to Big Wave Beach (for educational purposes) turns sour, once the students decide to have fun.
  • A storyline where Krabbs and his class make a malasada for a competition (the winner receives a large amount of money)
  • A storyline where a new preacher takes over the local church, while Pastor Jiry is ill.
  • A storyline where Alola's people take a liking to a mysterious man's cult.
  • A storyline where Krabs is suspended from teaching and decides to work

in an office, only to have the female boss harass him by making several advances on him.

  • A storyline where an anti-gay religious group attacks Hau'oli City's residents.
  • Finale: A camping trip turns into goes horribly wrong.

Season 2Edit

  • Series return: The headmistress announces the school's recent change to the students.
  • A story where Hau sneaks out for a Malasada.
  • A story where a new formidable teacher arrives.
  • A story where a now-mentally unstable character returns.
  • A storyline where the students get hold of the school's requisition forms.
  • A storyline where Krabbs, several students and teachers take a trip to Kanto.
  • Finale: The students plan something, that goes way out of hand.

Season 3 and beyond Edit

  • Ben plans Christmas with the BTS members.
  • A funeral.
  • A parody of Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with Malasadas instead of chocolate.

The planned series Edit

Soundtrack Edit

Mr Krabs Goes Nuts, will have a soundtrack, consisting of instrumental tracks mainly by the talented Myuuji, popular songs and APM Music.

Various songs using soundfonts converted from MIDI files will be used too.

For sound effects, an array of sound effects will be used.

How it will be made Edit

For the series Mr Krabs Goes Nuts may use MikuMikuDance to create episodes and scenes.

Style Edit

The series is planned to be done in an anime style.

Themes it will involveEdit

Mr Krabs Goes Nuts will have some slight sexual humor, coarse language, Religious references and drug references. The style of comedy will be similar to the styles of comedy used in The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob SquarePants and Family Guy.

Fun FactsEdit

The series was originally going to be based off of SpongeBob SquarePants, but the idea was scrapped.

Lucy/Myuu Jones is based off of Merle Jones from Prisoner: Cell Block H and Lucy/Nyu from the manga and anime Elfen Lied.